Major Hamptons renovations

Renovating your home in the Hamptons

Renovations marry the charm of an old home with modern beauty and amenities, and can often be a highly profitable investment. A good renovation — one that both improves the home and the investment — requires extensive experience. Expertise in the initial evaluation leads to a complete understanding of the process, and ensures the project is completed with efficiency and excellence.

Current Market

Current market

When you're looking to do a major renovation to your home, it's important to understand that certain renovations can be even more complex than new construction. Retaining the old charm can be a considerable logistical challenge, as well as a budgetary one. Renovations also require design strategies for both old elements and new, each needing to complement the other.  The reward can be extraordinary, but it's essential to find a team with experience and expertise. 

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

PKB has completed countless renovations in the Hamptons, from Southampton to Montauk.  Whether you're looking to expand, modernize, or change the style of your home, PKB is your building and renovation expert.  We educate our clients about the renovation process and associated costs, and can help advise from an investment standpoint, as well. At PKB, our renovation team will transform your existing home into the dream home you've always envisioned.

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